Rocky Mountain Chapter NECA

IBEW local 68

Blended Learning

Also known as LMS, this is where apprentices can log-in for online instruction and assignments.


A company unaffiliated with the DJEATC that offers CEU courses for journeymen if we don't have what you need at the right time.

Electric Prep

Provides online courses geared toward helping applicants prepare to enter the apprenticeship, including topics such as mathematics refreshers, reading comprehension, interview preparation, and success in the workplace. Please note that the math courses they offer are for personal development only and do not meet our minimum math criteria for the application process.

Electrical Training Alliance

The apprenticeship's national organization, formerly known as the NJATC. Online Learning System

For applicants unable to provide a transcript proving they have taken a credit of algebra, this online, self-paced math course will meet our requirements.

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